We have been working with carhs.training to offer state-of-the-art products and services in the field of automotive safety and vehicle communication, extensive training and continuing education program and safety knowledge, innovative development environment for vehicle and infrastructure communication, CAD and simulation services for automotive safety. Our focus is on vehicle safety and computer-aided development. We offer extensive programs comprising these topics:

Tech-seminars – special courses, where expert knowledge on topics such as Passive and Active Safety, biomechanics, dummy-technology, crash-laws, accident research, passenger protection-systems, frontal and side impact, driver assistance-systems, energy management, optimisation, stochastics, bionics, etc.


Training/trainee programs for experts in vehicle safety and CAE:

  • CAE-expert for automotive engineering
  • Test expert for vehicle safety
  • Project engineer/project manager for vehicle safety
  • Yearly update of knowledge at the SafetyUpDates

Instructors come from carhs.training Germany competent team or from industries and universities.

Courses provided:


  1. Transfer the background knowledge on biomechanics, legal and consumer requirements, homologation, crash testing procedures, dummy technology and data analysis that represents the state-of-the-art.
  2. The knowledge transfer is accompanied by hands-on training through which the theoretical knowledge or skills are enacted and practiced.
  3. At the end of the course, participants will have the required skills, practical and theoretical knowledge to prepare, run and evaluate crash tests complying to globally accepted standards.


  1. The different modules of the courses are carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive overview on vehicle safety, yet focus on the skill development in the area of crash testing.
  2. The training methodology follows the didactical concept of teaching in class – practical doing – reflection and transfer.
  3. By providing the training within the environment of a live crash test facility the participants will get to know and absorb the atmosphere and pace of the facility and its employees.
  4. Multiple expert trainers will be used throughout the course.

Through these training programs and events, we provide the most current and relevant knowledge for Engineers in automotive safety and product development.